And this is why…



Claudia Perez and her daughter.
Claudia is Tenant Association President
@ George Washington Carver Houses in East Harlem


Last Saturday, I joined Dr. Lenora Fulani, the Committee for Independent Community Action and John Adams Houses Tenant President Ronald Topping at a march in the Bronx against the privatization of NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority).  NYC has the largest public housing program left in the country, home to over 500,000 New Yorkers.  The projects are in terrible condition, deteriorating because of the lack of funding and the political will to do something about it. Now NYC’s Mayor is overseeing a multi year plan that slowly sells off NYCHA’s apartments and assets (playgrounds and vacant land). Two weeks ago the federal government took control away from the City government to address the dangerous conditions (mold, lead paint, failed heating systems). Privatization continues to move forward.

Proud to march with Claudia and her daughter.




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