Sheep Shearing at the Bedlam Farm Open House

This weekend was the Open House at Bedlam Farm, hosted by Jon Katz and Maria Wulf.  Jon and Maria have become my dear friends and I had the joy of helping out with the Open House. Hundreds of people from … Continue reading

The Joy of Photography

This past weekend, I taught my annual photography workshop at the East Side Institute. We spent a day exploring master street photographers, going out on the streets of Manhattan making pictures and then sharing our favorite images for discussion. There … Continue reading

Being Still

In my wonderful photographers’ workshop (Inspiration, Insight and The Creative Process: The Expanded Vision),  Palmer Davis asked us to create a series of still life portraits of home. I took the opportunity to look at our country home, new in our lives and new to my camera…



cottage view



the nap



in the blue room



collecting shelf


The Art of Photography: Improve Your Lens

Every year I have the pleasure of teaching a photography workshop with the East Side Institute.  On Sunday, June 12th, we will be exploring some of my favorite photographers, taking about different ways to see with our cameras and playing … Continue reading

Cambridge Memorial Day Parade

This weekend we spent our first Memorial Day in Cambridge, NY.  Our friends, Jon Katz and Maria Wulf invited us to watch the Memorial Day parade with George Forss outside his Ginofor Gallery on Main Street. Memorial Day is conflicting … Continue reading