wishing in the woods



holding the people of Houston close in my thoughts

like many, I have sent a donation, the hardest days lie ahead, we know from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy…

wishing for resilency

and that we find the political and human will to support, repair and regrow.


scenes from the county fair

This past week was the Washington County Fair, the largest agricultural county fair in New York State.  I visited the fair three times over the course of the week. I loved seeing the young people with their animals, they love … Continue reading

Cambridge Memorial Day Parade

This weekend we spent our first Memorial Day in Cambridge, NY.  Our friends, Jon Katz and Maria Wulf invited us to watch the Memorial Day parade with George Forss outside his Ginofor Gallery on Main Street. Memorial Day is conflicting … Continue reading

In the field

I heard a truck driving in the field across the street (in Shushan) and went to investigate.  I met Mike Nolan, from Kenyon Hill Farm.  Kenyon Hill is a large dairy farm just down the road from us, that has 350 milking Holsteins and 350 young stock.

Mike was spreading liquidized manure on the field, which is a hay field.  It took several truck loads to cover the field.


When I was a kid, we lived on the outskirts of Gardner, MA.  Just down the road from a chicken farm and a dairy farm.  I am loving reconnecting with rural life here in Shushan.

Mike extended an invite to stop by and visit the farm. Looking forward to doing that.