willow lake

This weekend I was in Prescott, AZ.  I came to speak at a meeting of independent voters organized by Kim Ames-Wright.


Kim is a leader of Independent Voters for Arizona and a national leader in the independent movement. I have known Kim for several years and love having the opportunity to work more closely with her in AZ in the Open and Honest Elections Coalition.  She moved to Prescott about a year ago and has found her special place, a place that speaks to her soul.  After our meeting, she took me to Willow Lake and we walked in the amazing rock strewn landscape….

untitled-65It was very refreshing to walk and climb among rocks marked and painted by time and water over hundreds of years.


This heart has been there for a long time, many many months. It appeared one day.  Kim always pauses a moment to take it in…

Kim recently filmed a commercial for our reform package that we are petitioning to put before the voters in Arizona this November.  She took the camera crew to another gorgeous spot in Prescott.  Have a look.