I carry my camera with me throughout my life.  I shoot everyday stories.

Walking with my camera gives me a way of looking around and about, seeing new things. My photos capture a moment, a poem…they play with one another and tell new stories.

I returned to photography in the last ten years.

Since the early eighties, I have been an activist in the independent political movement.   40% of Americans are now independent, having left the Democratic and Republican parties.  Faith in our government is at a all time low.  Partisanship has frozen our country, leaving  our most pressing problems unsolved.  I believe we have to restructure our political process and move power away from the parties and to the American people.  I have worked as a community organizer and leader in creating new organizations for independents.  I am the chair of the New York City Independence Party and the founder of the Politics for the People.  Hope you will visit my political book club and blog.

I graduated from Wheaton College with a BS in chemistry and hold a masters degree in nursing from Simmons College.

I was born in Gardner, MA in the late 50’s.  Gardner is the Chair City of World, a small dying industrial city. We lived on the outskirts just down the road from an egg farm and dairy farm–all now long gone.  My family moved to Cape Cod when I was 11.  I moved to New York City in 1988 and live in Hell’s Kitchen.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I look forward to looking through more of your photography and the future ones. I dabble in photography daily but almost all of mine are of my bloodhounds and basset hounds. I was curious what kind of equipment you use? Nice looking blog. I like the fonts and the simple, clean design.

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