Mary Kellogg

Bedlam Farm Door

Bedlam Farm Door

In June, we traveled to the Bedlam Farm open house in Cambridge, NY at the home of Jon Katz and Maria Wulf.  Jon is a New York Times bestselling writer/blogger and Maria is an artist. Jon is an author, photographer and has written several books about living with dogs and animals.  I have a been a fan of Jon’s work for many years and a regular reader of his blog, Bedlam Farm Journal. Jon and Maria have created a growing creative community on line and a place of encouragement for many writers and artists.  Twice a year they host an open house at Bedlam Farm. I will be sharing several posts about the day we spent there.

A highlight of the afternoon was meeting Mary Kellogg.  Mary lives on a farm in North Hebron, NY.  And lives there alone.

She is a wonderful poet and gave a reading of some of her latest poems. I have shared a couple of poems here from her book, My Place on Earth.  The book includes Jon Katz’s beautiful photos and was published by Bedlam Farm Books.  Mary has been writing poetry since she was 11 years old, but never showed her poems to anyone until recently.  Many thanks to Jon and Maria for encouraging Mary and publishing her work.

Mary Kellog at June 21st Bedlam Farm Open House

Mary Kellog at June 21st Bedlam Farm Open House


paths can stray through endless days

with a whistle and a song

or travel by the river

Where life is lax and long


they can lead a wedding march

on a path known by heart

or close a path in funeral arch

when life finds peace at last


a stone and cobble path worn smooth

by endless wandering feet

can find the soft and tender touch

where sand and seashore meet


the orb of day and silver footed queen

take infinite paths thru cosmic light

some of these can not be seen

but by the minds of those who dream


wind can find a path within a pile of leaves

spin them recklessly on angels wings

where in the winter ice will form

skating paths for hooves and things


paths can lead us high or low

sadness laughter joy and love

paths of life can be fast or slow

count your paths and you will know

April 24, 2002


Bedlam Farm

Conversation, Bedlam Farm

Robin’s Song

at dawn light


magic of song

repeated, renewed

garlands of joy.


a stone wall

for a lyrical evening show

announcing summer dusk

while night waits in the wings

May 5, 2007

Mary Kellogg at Bedlam Farm

Hearing Mary read was joyous.  It was a pleasure to meet her, she has much to share about life with a earthy luminosity.