goats, kids and games

At the Washington County Fair last week, I spent some time in the goat and sheep tent. I loved the goats and kids and young people. They seem such a match, full of humor and mischief, friendly and talkative…

On Monday evening, I watched the young people practise showing thier goats.


And getting their goats ready to show.

At the end of fair week, there are goat games!  Hilarious fun to watch.

First up was the sack race.



Next up was dressing up your goat and racing through the course without loosing any of the clothes your goat was wearing.

The onlookers were taking the games quite seriously

And then there was pie eating while blindfolded and holding onto your goat!


everyone seemed to be having a great time.

now onto fall…


In the field

I heard a truck driving in the field across the street (in Shushan) and went to investigate.  I met Mike Nolan, from Kenyon Hill Farm.  Kenyon Hill is a large dairy farm just down the road from us, that has 350 milking Holsteins and 350 young stock.

Mike was spreading liquidized manure on the field, which is a hay field.  It took several truck loads to cover the field.


When I was a kid, we lived on the outskirts of Gardner, MA.  Just down the road from a chicken farm and a dairy farm.  I am loving reconnecting with rural life here in Shushan.

Mike extended an invite to stop by and visit the farm. Looking forward to doing that.