Kismet in Hanoi

    On our last day in Hanoi, we headed out to the Art Vietnam Gallery to see Catherine Karnow’s show, Vietnam: 25 Years Documenting a Changing Country. I had read Andrew Lam’s review of the show in the Huffington … Continue reading

Discovering Columbus

On Thursday, Tatzu Nishi’s first pubic project in the United States opened.  Discovering Columbus is a living room 70 feet in the air built around the 13 foot high statue of Christopher Columbus at Columbus Circle in Manhattan.

Tatzu Nishi’s Discovering Columbus

Nicholas Baume, the Director and Chief Curator of the Public Art Fund describes the exhibition:  “Allowing us to take a journey up six flights of stairs to a fictional living room, Tatzu Nishi invites us to discover for ourselves where the imagination may lead.”

Christopher Columbus

I was on line at 10 am Thursday  morning to have a look.  I had the pleasure of meeting the artist, Tatzu Nishi and got to hear him speak a bit about the work.  When asked why the statue of Christopher Columbus, he said that it was not about Columbus per se, it was about the location and that height was important to his work.

Discovering Columbus Artist

Tatzu Nishi (r) discussing his installation.

Great fun to explore the living room Nishi created.

Tatku Nishi Installation

The perspective is quite spectacular.

Tatku Nishi's Discovering Columbus

View from the Living room

The statue was created in 1892.

Tatzu Nishi designed the pink and gold wallpaper, drawing iconic images of his view of America—Marilyn, Elvis, Dr. King, Empire State Building…

Tatzu Nishi

Definitely worth the climb!