Abandoned in pink

Bennington, VT on a quiet weekday morning…

abandoned in pink


behind main street


beckoning none the less





wishing in the woods



holding the people of Houston close in my thoughts

like many, I have sent a donation, the hardest days lie ahead, we know from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy…

wishing for resilency

and that we find the political and human will to support, repair and regrow.

Breaking rules

Hudson angel @cathy l stewart 2016

Hudson Angel

This image was created while walking our Great Pyrenees Samantha along the Hudson River on a sultry summer evening.  The shot was inspired by an assignment in Candela: Finding Inspiration Through Photography taught by Laura Valenti.  Our challenge was to break some of the rules of photography with gusto.  And so, while Sammy and I strolled, I started “drawing” with my camera and the lights across the shore. In this image, the angel is what we drew as a plane passed by….