Photography as language

Joel Meyerowitz is one of my favorite artists.  His book, Cape Light, was the first photography book I ever owned.  I lived on the Cape at the time and he captured the lower Cape magnificently.  Magic and mystery.

Here is a great quote from Joel on photography:

“In the larger sense, if you think of photography as a language, it’s now a language that billions of people around the world speak. It used to be much more secretive. You might have a camera you used for family outings and holidays, but there wasn’t the number of people who bought a camera to make art that we have today. There’s this vast international explosion of people communicating through images that show us a commonality across the world in the way we live our lives, the things that are meaningful to us. So I see it as a tool for disseminating a kind of humanistic expression that makes us all closer to each other. We feel each other’s pain in a more continuous way. So I see it as an incredible leap forward for human communication.” – Joel Meyerowitz

From Cape Light
Joel Meyerowitz