scenes from the county fair

This past week was the Washington County Fair, the largest agricultural county fair in New York State.  I visited the fair three times over the course of the week. I loved seeing the young people with their animals, they love to answer your questions and are eager to talk about their animals and farm life.

I created a series of images of the fair…

Miniature Horses

The Western riding competition.


What could be cuter than baby bigs and chicks.

There was a little magic in the horse tent on Sunday afternoon.

And of course there were concession stands galore…

I loved visiting the Dairy barns, meeting some of the young people and families showing their cows… When I was a kid we lived down the road from a dairy farm and egg farm. The dairy barns kept calling me back for another walk through.





This is Tucker  (below on the L) with his dairy cow, Chambers from Bejosh Farm. Tucker told us that he was the first person that Chambers ever saw and that Chambers will pretty much do anything Tucker asks.  Bejosh Farm is Ed and Carol Gulley’s farm. They have a wonderful blog.  Ed is also an artist, and we have several of his found object sculptures at our home is Shushan.  I loved how they decorated his area at the fair.  People put a lot of energy into their displays.


Granville Future Farmers of America were helping kids and adults hold and pet ducklings.




Keeping Cool in the dairy barn and the horse barn

And there were prize winners and vendors…




Sunday afternoon…almost time to go home…


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