thoughts on independence weekend

Happy independence weekend! I love the Fourth of July, as a time to remember our flawed and radically revolutionary roots.

This weekend, I wanted to share a group of pictures created almost three weeks ago on a rainy Thursday morning outside the New York Athletic Club.  I was there with Dr. Lenora Fulani and the CICA (The Committee for Independent Community Action). We were protesting the appearance of Shola Olatoye, the Chair and CEO of the New York City Housing Authority as a speaker at the Crain’s Breakfast series. She was there to talk about the NextGen plan for NYCHA.

The plan is to sell playgrounds, parking lots and green spaces around public housing.  In addition, they are planning to sell public housing units themselves to developers. This marks the start of privatization and the dismantling of public housing in NYC.  We wanted to make sure that passers by and business leaders attending her talk heard from public housing residents and concerned New Yorkers from all walks of life who want to see NYCHA invested in, not divested from!


I was proud to be there with several dozen folks from all five boroughs handing out leaflets and chanting…



You can read the mention we got in the Crain’s article about the event.

Seems fitting to share these photos on Independence weekend.






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