Cambridge Memorial Day Parade

This weekend we spent our first Memorial Day in Cambridge, NY.  Our friends, Jon Katz and Maria Wulf invited us to watch the Memorial Day parade with George Forss outside his Ginofor Gallery on Main Street.

Memorial Day is conflicting in many ways, I am deeply grateful to those Americans who answered their country’s call and gave their lives.  My great grandfathers served in the Civil War and my parents are both veterans–my Dad a Marine in WW2 and my Mom a MASH nurse in Korea; my brother Matt served in the Navy. While we honor those who lost their lives serving our country, I also pause to honor those who fought against unjust wars like the war in Vietnam. For me, the best way to give honor is to build our world so that war is no longer the answer.

Jon wrote a beautiful talk about Memorial Day in which he referenced Abraham Lincoln’s statement saying that the best tribute to those who died in the civil war would be that one day we would not need a Memorial Day. I feel close to that.

And I love the creative act of parading, of coming together as spectators, marchers, band members and celebrating community together down Main Street.


Great to see all the kids marching with their little league and lacrosse teams, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and 4H clubs.













parade watching with friends, old and new




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