In the field

I heard a truck driving in the field across the street (in Shushan) and went to investigate.  I met Mike Nolan, from Kenyon Hill Farm.  Kenyon Hill is a large dairy farm just down the road from us, that has 350 milking Holsteins and 350 young stock.

Mike was spreading liquidized manure on the field, which is a hay field.  It took several truck loads to cover the field.


When I was a kid, we lived on the outskirts of Gardner, MA.  Just down the road from a chicken farm and a dairy farm.  I am loving reconnecting with rural life here in Shushan.

Mike extended an invite to stop by and visit the farm. Looking forward to doing that.





2 thoughts on “In the field

  1. I remember manure spreaders as small wagons with toothed wheels arranged along the back that rotated and pitched the manure out the back onto the fields. With 350 head of milk cows he aught to have plenty of fertilizer. Its a nice thought. The earth gives the hay and the grain, the cows give the milk and cream and meat, then the earth gets the manure back and it keeps going on and on. Like a thicket that seems solid only because you are trying to go somewhere fast and do not take time to regard each sapling or bramble one at a time. Enjoy it.

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