Away from the storm

While over 2 feet of snow fell in NYC yesterday, we spent time upstate, walking along the Battenkill River with our two dogs, Willow and Samantha.  The air was brisk and crisp and a little sunlight burst through the clouds.

Battenkill River in Shushan

Battenkill River in Shushan

It was a very peaceful day, a good day for a long walk and then a warm fire!

I love the winter riverbank. Very drawn to the flowers, stems, leaves, buds all etched in browns with promises…

blown by the wind

blown by the wind









holding memory

holding memory










The dogs love this spot and weather!



gazing upstream

willow gazing upstream









5 thoughts on “Away from the storm

  1. Lovely photos of the area my grandfather always called God’ country. Your dogs are beautiful, I have a Corgi, a blue Merle Cardigan.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog! I have never been to this part of the USA, however, through your outstandingly beautiful pictures I feel though I have!
    I must thank Jon Katz so very much for introducing me to your writings and pictures!! THANKS, JON!!

  3. Nice photos showing the beauty of nature even in winter. I’m over in a beautiful spot on the western facing slopes of the Green Mountains of VT. We already had about 5″ of snow on the ground but nothing from yesterday’s storm.
    BTW, is Samantha a Great Pyrenees?
    I too found your blog from Jon Katz.

  4. Just discovered your blog, Cathy — time to do some catching up! Love your beautiful, ethereal work. I do passable stuff on my antediluvian LG flip fone. People on trains, doggies, toddlers are my top faves, with the occasional street scenes — the side of an old brick factory building in shadow and sunlight, fer instance. A streetlamp dwarfed by the gathering twilit sky. Not even close to your gems. I’m awestruck!

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