woods before a storm

We recently bought a home upstate in Shushan.  I first came to Washington County to attend a Bedlam Farm Open House hosted by Jon Katz and Maria Wulf. Jon is a bestselling author and Maria is a gifted fiber artist. I had been reading Jon’s wonderful books about the relationship between people and dogs for many years as well as reading his blog.  We met one another in the effort to save NYC’s carriage horses.

Jon and Maria introduced us to Cambridge and we fell in love with the area, a combination of farmers, artists and others living in a rural community along the Battenkill River. We’ve become friends.

Today, Jon invited me to join him on a walk in the forest with his two border collies, Red and Fate. We spent a couple of hours walking, laughing and talking, taking in the quiet beauty of the trees and forest just before a winter storm, and basking in the exuberant joy of the dogs in the woods.

Here are a few images from the magical forest…

Jon and Fate


Tree Stump #1


Red and Fate Coming along the path


Bow in the woods


Reflections in the pond

the forest, a meditative place where time slows down.



2 thoughts on “woods before a storm

  1. Welcome to Washington County, Cathy and husband. I am a neighbor of yours, living in a partly remodeled old barn on your way from Burger Den to home. Please stop in when you see my car in the driveway. I also have the pleasure of Jon’s friendship in his writing class and creative group and anywhere else he generously makes himself available. Your love affair with southern Washington County is just beginning. Mine is almost 50 years old and I have even more passion for it since I have been here full time. Your best is yet to come!

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