and they wore blue feathers

Last weekend, I went for a walk along Central Park and 59th Street.  I went to visit the carriage horses and drivers.  I went to honor the passing of a great champion of draft horses, of the NYC carriage horses, of the bond between animals and people, and of the magical Blue Star Equiculture.  Paul Rickenbach Moshimer died last week.

I did not know Paul well, but deeply appreciated his work.  Blue Star is a working and draft horse sanctuary and an organic farm. Many of the NYC carriage horses retire to Blue Star.  Harry and I had the opportunity to visit last summer. Pamela Rickenbach Moshimer gave us a tour and introduced us to the herd.  It is a special place, run by volunteers, many of them young people.


For Paul

For Paul

Many of the horses wore a braid with a blue feather to honor Paul…


Heading into the park...

Heading into the park…



heading home

heading home

Paul will be deeply missed and his mission will continue.




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