Favorite Image of 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

My father and I have been collecting and digitizing family photos over the course of this year.  It is a wonderful ongoing adventure.  Many thanks to my Uncle Ken, Aunt Dottie and cousin Tim and Carol for entrusting me with their slides and images for digitizing.  We have many more treasure boxes to uncover, but there is one image that is my absolute favorite.

This slide was shot by my Aunt Nene (Ena V. Glasson) in the 1950’s on a beach on Cape Cod.  I think it is Marconi Beach.  It is a portrait of my parents, whom my Aunt introduced.  Glorious kodachrome and so evocative of the 50’s!  I love how she sees them.  This photograph captures her love of Betty and Tud.  So grateful to have uncovered this gem.

So, here is my last image of 2014!

Through Nene's Eyes Betty and Tud Cape Cod, 1950's

Through Nene’s Eyes
Betty and Tud
Cape Cod, 1950’s


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