Photography Playground July 26th

On July 26th, I will be teaching a photography workshop in NYC, sponsored by the East Side Institute.  The workshop is part of their playground series.  We will be exploring the art of seeing and shooting on the city streets.  Join us for an adventure, see in some new ways and create a series of photographs.

Stay tuned to the blog, where I will be posting some of the work we create on July 26th.

Below is the flyer for the event with all the details on how to sign up.

Photo by Cathy Stewart. 
Photography Playground
with Cathy Stewart


Saturday, July 26, 11:30am-3:30pm
99 Madison Ave., 5 Fl. (btw. 29 & 30 Sts.)


Join Cathy Stewart for a hands-on exploration of the power (and fun) of photography. Cathy will share some of her favorite photographers and help us explore what in the photos we find most captivating. Then she’ll lead us outdoors on a picture taking ‘expedition.’ Bring your camera (or a cell phone is fine, too). We’ll try out some new ways of looking at the world and practice our skills at framing, composing, and shooting. Not to be missed for anyone looking to see the world through a new lens! In the workshop we’ll explore world class photographers, what makes a picture “work” and then spend time outside creating images together.


Cathy L. Stewart is an impassioned photographer and hobbyist. A photography buff who has studied extensively at the International Centerfor Photography, Stewart had a community exhibition and has a blog called Through the lens looking which has a following of 500+ subscribers. She co-teaches the Institute‘s Developing Democracy course and is the creator of the popular Politics for the People educational series that offers an inside look at politics and history from an independent’s point of view.  She is a founder of the Independence Party of New York and chair of its Manhattan organization.
For more information, contact Melissa Meyer 

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