Hurricane Sandy

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In the aftermath of  Hurricane Sandy, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Lenora Fulani from the All Stars Project and State Senator Malcolm Smith in the devastated community of Far Rockaway.  People in the seaside housing projects were without food, water, heat or electricity and very isolated 72 hours after the storm.  On Thursday, we spent the day working to get services into the community.  After seeing the situation, we had our network lobby the Red Cross.  Dr. Fulani and Sen. Smith then called the Mayor and he responded and within 5 hours  the National Guard and Red Cross established 4 food distribution sites.   On Saturday, we went back to check in and to see how things we going… relief efforts are continuing and there has been an outpouring of volunteers.  One of the things the Storm exposed, is the extent of poverty in our city.  This is the issue that animates me as a political activist and political independent.

Conch Playground, Far Rockaway

Watching the National Guard unload food and water, Conch Playground, Far Rockaway


One thought on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. Cathy, thank you for the post. Sandy seemed bad enough in my neighborhood (the West Village), but compared to the devastation in the Far Rockaways and other places, we were fortunate to only lose power, heat, and water for five days.

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